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Mastermind Management Ltd, one of the most active commercial real estate development companies in the Bronx, has for many years helped to continue the physical and economic development of this All American City. The company's primary mission is to invest its' resources, enthusiasm and ingenuity into developing various sectors of the South Bronx. In doing this, the company has helped both individual aspiring business people & large corporations to establish a rewarding and profitable home in areas that were currently under-served.

Currently, the company holds approximately 3.5 million Sq ft of fully leased commercial property. The development projects that Mastermind has engaged in, add a needed social and economic ripple effect on the borough. As a company, they are convinced that their work has served as a model for other private and government funded commercial development organizations to imitate across other underdeveloped communities throughout the borough. Mastermind has helped to stimulate curiosity among businesses that have remained, for too long, outside the reach of Bronx consumers.

Some of their tenants include, Rite Aid Pharmacy, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, C- Town Supermarkets, Clean-Rite Centers, Domino's Pizza, and Bronx Lebanon. Along with this, Mastermind has helped dozens of local entrepreneurs open small businesses within various neighborhoods through-out The Bronx.

Mastermind has capitalized on its efforts, while facilitating opportunity for investment, creating over 3,000 jobs and changing the face of neighborhoods. A small business with an enormous community conscience, the company has fostered economic opportunity, while continually contributing to numerous charitable organizations throughout Bronx County. Consistently working on a new development project, Mastermind Management will continue to join in the cooperative effort that is vital to the instilment of a unique and deeply rooted Bronx pride.

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